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Silicon Carbide Nozzle

Silicon Carbide Nozzle

Silicon carbide burner nozzle is mainly used in kiln furnace,some customers also it called silicon carbide burner,silicon carbide lance,silicon carbide tube.It can use in roller kiln furnace,tunnel kiln furnace,shuttle kiln furnace and many other kinds of kiln furnaces,one of its biggest feature is act as a high temperature resistant part.It is the best alternative material to stainless steel.Silicon carbide burner nozzle is an ideal combustion chamber for various industrial furnaces such as gas and fuel furnaces.Reaction sintering silicon carbide burner nozzle is composed of α-SIC powder, graphite powder,mixed additives and organic binders,and sintering in a 1700 degree vacuum furnace to fully react the silicon carbide powder with carbon.The final porosity is almost 0,in particular, some customers’ burning substances are kerosene, diesel, etc.Low porosity can prevent oil leakage,our silicon carbide burner nozzle have helped many customers solve the problem.

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