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Carbon mechanical seal

Carbon mechanical seal

Introduction SSIC Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal

SSIC Silicon carbide mechanical seal is a kind of silicon carbide product produced with silicon carbide material. Silicon carbide mechanical seal has heat resistance, according to different process, the performance of heat resistance is not the same. The reaction-sintered silicon carbide seal ring can be used at 1300, while the pressure-free sintered silicon carbide seal ring can reach 1600.

Silicon carbide mechanical seal manufacturing process is: raw material processing – molding – sintering – grinding – assembly.

Ssic mechanical seal is the most versatile friction material in mechanical seals.It has strong chemical resistance performance, high mechanical strength, good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, good self-lubrication, light weight, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high hardness, good dimension at extremely high temperatures , strong corrosion resistance and high elastic modulus, long service life and other characteristics.Applicable to the production of various mechanical rings,bearings,bushings and other friction materials.Sic mechanical seal are widely used in petroleum,electric power,light industry,aerospace,automotive,paper and sewage treatment,chemical pump and its rotary machinery and other fields,and paired with carbon graphite,sic mechanical seal has the smallest friction coefficient. It can be used as a high-parameter mechanical seal.

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