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About Dongxin's development history

About Dongxin's development history

Apr 19,2019
About Dongxin's development history
In 1998, "Large Diameter Silicon Carbide Sealing Ring" was included in the national key new product plan and the national torch plan project

In 2005, undertook the National 863 Program-Application Research of Ceramic Sealing Materials in Aerospace 2002AA745100

In 2005, the automobile engine cooling water pump seal (water seal) passed the provincial new product appraisal meeting

In 2006, signed a "Letter of Intent for Technical Cooperation" with the "53 Research Institute of China North Industries Group"

In 2007, won the title of "China's Top Ten Famous Brands for Sealing Ring Quality"

Participated in the formulation of the industry standard of JB/T "Technical Conditions for Carbonized Seal Rings for Mechanical Seals" in 2009

In 2009, Zhejiang Province's "Eleventh Five-Year" Nanotechnology Major Technology Research and Demonstration Application Project

The production base moved to Taizhou in 2009

Opened the Shanghai Office of International Trade in 2010

Opened an international trade office in the UK in 2012
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