Why can DX SEAL be your reliable service provider of silicon carbide, carbon graphite and other series of sealing materials?

Since 1986

Beginning in 1986, DX SEAL sought solutions to the world's most complex engineering and manufacturing challenges in various industries and applications..

Technological Innovation

In order to enhance technological progress and innovation capabilities, the company has long-term scientific and technological cooperation with Zhejiang University and domestic universities and colleges to carry out production, learning and research activities.

R&D Status

•Research Co-operation Agreement with Zhejiang University of Material Science.

•Member of the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics.

•Vice president of the China Sealing Association.

Custom Manufacturing

DX SEAL has a comprehensive understanding of materials, process development and manufacturing methods. With personalization, samples or technical drawings, our advantage lies in our ability to transform customers ideas from concept to creation, and provide assistance at every step. We produce over 4000 products of different designs and specifications for customers every month.

Perfect Service System

DX SEAL has a complete quality inspection process to ensure product quality. We are equipped with professional solution experts to quickly understand customer needs, and covers sales points in the UK/Tokyo/Japan/India, with a typical turnaround time of 20-25 days.

Terms of Service

Our company is responsible for providing qualified products to customers that meet the industry JB/T6374-2006 standards and customer drawings requirements, as well as international standards where required.
If the product is found to be damaged or defective during the transportation from our company to the customer, we must take photos and videos in time to confirm the cause, and our company is responsible for providing free replacement or credit of the damaged product.
Our company is responsible for handling customer product complaints in a timely manner. After receiving the customers telephone, mail, and other complaints, our company will immediately assist the customer to deal with the incident. We should give the customer a clear solution within three days.
For products returned by customers for repair, our company will return them to customers after they are qualified within three days after receiving the goods.
For the problems that occur when the sealing ring of the equipment is installed, our company can provide material and size inspection reports, and if necessary, we can cooperate with the customer to deal with the equipment site.
Our goal is to give your space
The customer should check and accept the product in time within seven days of receiving the goods, and find that there are damages caused by non-transportation (excluding packaging damage, poor product packaging) or quality problems。
Product processing range (unit: mm)
Minimum inner diameterSSIC/RBSIC/SSIC+G/SSIC+Pф≥ф5
Maximum outer diameterSSIC/SSIC+G/SSIC+Pф≤ф550
Special product processing accuracy (unit: mm)
Linear sizeDiameter category ф±0.005
Length class±0.01
Geometric toleranceParallelism0.005
Surface roughnessRa0.02
  • 1. The customer should check and accept the product in time within seven days of receiving the goods, and find that there are damages caused by non-transportation (excluding packaging damage, poor product packaging) or quality problems, which are poor unpacking, and no light Our company is not responsible for the damage caused by the installation, collision, etc., for free.

  • 2. Within fifteen days after the customer receives our products (according to the delivery list), please check in time and contact our company if any defective products are found. If there is no feedback for more than fifteen days, it is deemed that the customer defaults that our products are qualified.

  • 3. When the customer encounters special circumstances and needs to return for repair or return, the customer should first apply to our company in writing and attach a detailed list, and only after our permission, we can do the return (including repair) without our permission Rejection, the loss caused by this return shall be borne by the customer.

  • 4. The product returned by the customer should be packaged intact, protected well and kept tidy: our company can reject the goods that are messy and incomplete. If the customer does not provide a return list or the list is unknown, the returned quantity shall be subject to the actual number received by our company.

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