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R & D Strength and Teamwork
The scientific research team is composed of researchers in materials science, material physics and chemistry, material processing, and long-term research and development, production technology, and enterprise management personnel of silicon carbide ceramics, with strong technical strength and professional knowledge structure.

In 1994, Dongxin Seal Co., Ltd. cooperated with the 704 Research Institute of the Seventh Academy of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, with investments of more than 500,000 yuan, and produced the largest diameter (Ф530mm) silicon carbide seal ring in the country at that time, successfully filling the domestic gap.

National Torch Program Project Certificate (Project Name: Large Diameter Silicon Carbide Seal Ring Number: 98D231D7000263)National Key New Product Certificate (Project Name: Large Diameter Silicon Carbide Seal Ring Number: 98G041D7000053)
Liquid Phase Sintered Integral Double-Arc Ballistic Insert Plate
The utility model is a large-size silicon carbide ceramic ballistic protection insert plate. The plate body is a whole piece of double-curved silicon carbide ceramic plate, fine and compact, with smoothly transitioned periphery. The arc surface radii of the inner and outer sides of the plate are equal;
Board size is:
Weight is approximately:
Bulletproof board test report
New Product Development
In addition to mechanical seal products, the company has developed the application research of silicon carbide ceramics in honeycomb ceramic carriers, ballistic armors and precision parts.Silicon carbide ceramic is one of the typical structural ceramic materials. It has the characteristics of high strength, high hardness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, so it has a wide range of applications in the fields of national defense and military industry. The high hardness and high wear resistance of silicon carbide ceramics can be used to prepare ceramic tools, ceramic bearings, balistic armor, various valves, wear-resistant linings, and sealing ri
In addition to mechanical seal products, the company is carrying out research on the application of silicon carbide ceramics in honeycomb ceramic carriers, bulletproof armors, and precision parts.

With the development of the Chinese automobile industry, the annual domestic demand for honeycomb ceramic carriers alone is expected to increase at a rate of more than 15%.

Enterprise Honor Roll
  • Silicon carbide sealing ring was recognized as "Zhejiang Famous Brand Product"

  • "Dongxin" enterprise trade name is a well-known trade name in Zhejiang Province

  • Special ceramics graduate education innovation demonstration base

  • Zhejiang Silicon Carbide Sealing Ceramic Technology Research Center

  • Municipal High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center

  • Co-published 27 academic papers with Zhejiang University, 21 of which were collected by SCI and EI

  • There are 11 authorized patents. Among them: 10 invention patents and 1 utility model patent.

The ability to transform scientific research results

The research center attaches great importance to the development of new products, has undertaken 8 national and provincial science and technology projects, and won 5 provincial and municipal science and technology progress awards, laying a solid foundation for the successful transformation of scientific research results; The combination of "production, study and research" has achieved a number of scientific research results that have now been converted into productivity..

social group

Member unit of China Chamber of Commerce for International Cooperation in Private Economy

Group member of Mechanical and Packing Seal Professional Branch of China Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals Industry Association

Standing Director Unit of Zhejiang New Material Industry Association

Production, study, and research cooperation unit

Zhejiang California International Nanotechnology Research Institute, Zhejiang UniversityNational International Joint R&D Center

The Zhejiang California International Nanotechnology Research Institute of Zhejiang University is a national-level international joint research and development center jointly established by the Zhejiang Provincial Government, Zhejiang University, and the California Institute of Nanotechnology. It is the only one in the country in the field of nanotechnology, serving local enterprises and upgrading local industries. Official industry-university-research platform.

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