DX SEAL Application Introduction

Since 1986, DX SEAL sought solutions to the world's most complex engineering and manufacturing challenges in various industries and applications. We meet these challenges with unparalleled material engineering expertise, extensive research and development capabilities, excellent operational capabilities, and a commitment to establishing reliable collaborative relationships.

At DX SEAL, our success is based on integrity. We will continue to invest to develop advanced materials and processes for key functional applications. Our highly qualified experts and dedicated employees work tirelessly to ensure that we consistently provide quality products and services.
  • Aerospace and defense

  • Auto and transportation

  • Chemicals

  • Equipment & Machinery

  • Food & Agriculture

  • Semiconductor

  • Energy

Aerospace and Defense

DX SEAL provides specialized mission-critical components for a wide variety of aerospace and defense applications by supplying advanced technical ceramics engineered for critical-duty applications.

Auto and Transportation

DX SEAL have cooperated in development of light brake discs,an aluminum brake disc with silicon carbide reinforced particles, which is lightweight, safe, durable and sustainable.


Corrosive chemical environment

Reduce particulate pollution

Features high purity

Compared with the extrusion medium, it significantly reduces the clogging and pollution of sand and fine powder.

Equipment & Machinery

Floby, an auto parts company, relaunched sica light brake discs. This is an aluminum brake disc with silicon carbide reinforced particles, which is lightweight, safe, durable and sustainable.

Food & Agriculture

Ceramic components increase accuracy, extend product life, and reduce operating costs


DX SEAL engineered technical ceramics are ideal for semiconductor wafer processing applications, including epitaxial growth processing and single crystal pulling.


Silicon carbide offers superior wear at high temperatures, yielding a long life in the most abrasive environments.

All of our raw materials have been inspected by our dedicated R&D team through an electron microscope to inspect their particle size, flatness, oxygen content and impurity content, and then through the entire production process to make specimens for testing. Only when the raw materials pass the inspection, they will be put into use.

We keep all samples for future testing during out leading milling process.

All departments have independent inspection with ISO9001:2015 quality inspection standard. In the final inspection, all aspects will be tested, including dimensional tolerances, porosity, density, hardness, etc. All non-conforming products can be recorded and tracked. We have a laboratory dedicated to research and development and our quality control department cooperates to ensure that our materials are strictly implemented in accordance with the JBT 6374-2006 industry standard. Dongxin regularly passes the third-party inspections with the "Shanghai Institute of Ceramics", guaranteeing the high quality of our products.

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